I’ve enjoyed my yoga practice with you so much. You’ve been intuitive, compassionate, funny, wise, and just the right mix of spiritual and light-heartedness for me.
Jen K – Dec 2018

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Zoom Recordings

The links below enable you to stream & download a selection of recent, live class recordings.
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Yoga with Claire September 22 – Stream Now
Shake & Settle. A slightly shorter class (the quake happened as we were doing our resting practise, so this video has an abrupt end!). Standing warm up to start. Moving into some standing postures – wall table, warrior I, forward folds, leg swings, triangle, side bends, twist, wide leg forward fold. Then down dog & onto the floor. Hip circles, leg stretches, twists, arch & flatten of lumbar spine, & bound angle pose. A 10 minute meditation & resting practise… all is well!

Yoga with Claire September 15 – Stream Now
Basic & Gentle. 15 mins standing warm up including breath work. Standing side bends & twists. Goddess pose & forward folds. All fours for cat/cow, child’s pose & up dog. Then spine extension strengthening with locust & cobra. Seated for rolling forward bend, seated twist & bound angle pose. Class finishing supine for leg stretches, thread the needle & relaxation.

Yoga with Claire August 11 – Stream Now
Simple, Nurture, Calm. Slow & simple session to warm, calm and ground. Started Supine – spinal warming, legs, hips, shoulders & arms. A little side lying work, & prone for a spinal extension. Moving up to standing for side bends & twists. 15 minute meditation & breathing work to finish the class.

Yoga with Claire July 28 – Stream Now
Working with Breath. Starting standing. Connect & centre, invigorating pat down. Cleansing breath sequence. Forward bend energy breaths, fierce posture. Kneeling – cat/cow, up & down dog, thunderbolt. Standing – side bends & twists. Wide leg goddess & forward bend. Supine – wide leg opening, bound angle pose, deepening & opening breath. Sitting breath work & resting to finish.

Live Class Videos

General Yoga June 6th, 2020 – 30 mins warm up & standing postures – Warrior 1, 2 & 4. Down dog to floor. 20 mins floor work – rolling postures – forward bend, tailors seated & lying, rolling twist. 1/2 Bow posture. 10 mins guided relaxation/meditation to finish.

Yoga with Claire May 5, 2020
60 mins of stretching, moving, breathing, sounding to get your energy flowing freely. Includes some sound work & yoga massage.

Yoga with Claire April 25, 2020
60 mins of gentle stretching & mobilising for tired computer bodies. Attention to arms, neck, shoulder, & a little balancing with tree pose…

Chair Yoga #1, May 2020
37 mins of gentle, slow, seated yoga. A meditative session in a chair to ground you, and get your energy flowing.

Yoga Groove April 21, 2020
60 minute class. Warming up, then disco grooves, and a yoga cool down.

Yoga Groove April 7, 2020
60 mins – warming up, then more classic disco grooves, and a yoga cool down.

Gentle Yoga April 4, 2020
60 mins of gentle, nourishing yoga.

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