The only advice I have is – ANYONE in the Huon must try Claire’s Yoga. I was a ‘once bitten twice shy’ kinda Yoga student, until I signed on to Claire’s Yoga, and it changed my mind, body & soul…and life! ~ Barb W Feb 2020

The videos and Zoom recordings below are available for streaming and downloading whenever it suits you. Please note, that although these are available freely to everyone, I have a Pay as You Can fee structure in place, (if you are in the financial position to do so).

More about payment? Register for Online Classes?

Yoga with Claire May 5, 2020
60 mins of stretching, moving, breathing, sounding to get your energy flowing freely. Includes some sound work & yoga massage.

Yoga with Claire April 25, 2020
60 mins of gentle stretching & mobilising for tired computer bodies. Attention to arms, neck, shoulder, & a little balancing with tree pose…

Chair Yoga #1, May 2020
37 mins of gentle, slow, seated yoga. A meditative session in a chair to ground you, and get your energy flowing.

Yoga Groove April 21, 2020
60 minute class. Warming up, then disco grooves, and a yoga cool down.

Yoga Groove April 7, 2020
60 mins – warming up, then more classic disco grooves, and a yoga cool down.

Gentle Yoga April 4, 2020
60 mins of gentle, nourishing yoga.

Zoom Recordings:

The links below enable you to stream and download a selection of live Zoom recordings. Note – these videos may be a bit rough. Great for doing a catch up!

Yoga with Claire June 6 – Stream Now
Standing flowing postures 30 mins – Warrior 1 & 2 , Chair, Down Dog… Floor work 20 mins – 1/2 Bow, Tailors seated & supine… 10 mins guided meditation to finish.

Yoga Groove with Claire June 2Stream Now
20 minutes of standing warm up – 20 minutes of Africa Jive with Hugh Masekela – 20 minutes of seated posture work. Balancing, forward bends, hip opening & twists.

Yoga with Claire May 30 – Stream Now
Breath focus – including active cleansing breath sequences & guided relaxation. Floor & standing postures including triangle pose, forearm plank, hip opening & twists.

Yoga with Claire May 28 – Stream Now
Flow with your breath. Gentle mobilising class with a focus on the fluidity and mobility of your spine. Floor & standing work.

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