I’ve enjoyed my yoga practice with you so much. You’ve been intuitive, compassionate, funny, wise, and just the right mix of spiritual and light-heartedness for me.
Jen K – Dec 2018

The class recordings below are ready to view anytime. When you click on the link you go directly into the unedited session. All you need to participate in the class is a warm, quiet space, a yoga mat, a blanket & a firm cushion. Get yourself ready… & off you go! Please note that these videos are available free of charge, but, if you are in the financial position to do so, I appreciate payment. Thank you. 🙂

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The links below enable you to stream a selection of class recordings. You are welcome to access these recordings at any time. To view the class click on the Stream Now links.

From the Yoga with Claire, Zoom Room

Yoga with Claire June 26th, 2024 – Stream Now
Slow, Gentle, Breath – A slow, calming, mindful, breath-based session. Class starts with a standing warm up, then moves inot a seated, simple breath practise. Then moving into spinal warming & easy posture work, with breath as the primary focus and driver. Class ends with a grounding meditation & rest.

Yoga with Claire May 15th, 2024 – Stream Now
Shoulder Girdle – Focus today is shoulders. Class starts with a 17 minute, moving, standing warm up. Opening breaths, circling & whole body tap down. Then we move onto the floor for some opening work on all planes of the torso. All fours – cat/cow & shoulder opening, then the banana pigeon pose. Backs – simple twists, arm circles & supine bound angle pose. Side lying – shoulder girdle reaches & big twists. Tummies – easy locust & spine extensions. Class concludes with a short rest.

Yoga with Claire April 10th, 2024 – Stream Now
Balance & Ground – This class explores our balance. Class starts with a basic warm up, then we do a few standing, balancing postures. 40 minutes of physical practise, then a 10 minute seated meditation focussing on gravity, grounding and releasing tension.

Yoga with Claire March 20th, 2024 – Stream Now
Chair Yoga – Class starts with a 10 minute standing warm up, then we move into a chair yoga session. Working with breath and spine mobility to begin, then moving into classical yoga poses, all adapted to the chair. We do Staff, Warrior 2, Side Angle bend, Reverse Warrior, Lunge, Twists & Pigeon Pose. Class finishes with a short relaxation/meditation.

Yoga with Claire March 6th, 2024 – Stream Now
Shoulders & Thoracic Spine – Today’s request was to release tension in the chest spine. Class starts standing; we do lots of gentle, slow, and mindful loosening and stretching for the chest spine. Class includes pelvic bridge & sphinx.

Yoga with Claire February 21, 2024 – Stream Now
Exploratory Spine – A slow, mindful session to ease out spinal tension. Class starts with a 15 min standing warm up, including leg swinging. Then settling down to floor for exploratory spinal mobilisation, with shoulder and neck work, hip loosening, and thread the needle. Prone extended frog pose, kneeling supported camel, then seated for cow pose, wide leg forward bend & bound angle pose forward bend. Finishing with a rest.

Yoga with Claire August 23, 2023 – Stream Now
Circles & Standing Postures– General standing posture class. 20 mins circling warm up, including flowing breath work. Then moving into standing postures – side bends & twists, Warrior 2 & side angle, Warrior 1 & one legged balance with twist, soft pyramid forward bend, goddess & wide leg forward bend. In seated for some shoulder opening, staff pose, rolling forward bend. Class concludes with supine easy twists, pelvic lift, & resting.

Yoga with Claire August 9 – Stream Now
Spine Focus – Today’s class unfolds in response to a student reporting a stiff lower back after gardening. We start on our backs. 25 minutes of rolling, moving & loosening, for our spines, hips & shoulders. Then all fours for cat, up dog, child’s pose & easy camel. Then some more spinal mobility work in standing – wall table, pelvic rolling, leg swinging & triangle. Class finishes with 15 mins of sitting and resting.

Yoga with Claire July 5 – Stream Now
Standing 2 Floor 2 Chair. Starting with a 15 minute warm up. Then energising chopping breath. Moving into kneeling for cat/cow, sphinx, up & down dog. Back to standing for deep lunges, twists & forward bends. Class finishes with seated eagle & pigeon pose.

Yoga with Claire June 14 – Stream Now
Finding Ease. Starting supine, we work to ease ourselves into action. Slow waking up on floor, (20mins), then all fours for cat/cow & variations. In standing we do sun salute beginnings, standing gateway, lunge, warrior 2, side angle bend & variation, & goddess. Down dog & back to the floor for staff posture, bound angle pose & wide leg pot stirring. Class ends with a seated meditation on Finding Ease.

Yoga with Claire May 31 – Stream Now
Floor Class. Supine, side lying & on our tummy. This floor session is a combination of mobilising & strengthening for our whole bodies. Waking up our spines, strengthening our core & torso muscles, and easing out tight & stiff joints. Includes side concertina & tummy diagonal extensions.

Yoga with Claire May 24 – Stream Now
Breath & Spine. Start with 20 mins of seated breath practises. Simple slow breath, then dynamic, Kundalini, energy moving breath. Then simple moving & strengthening physical work: All fours for side cat, sphinx. On knees for twists. Elephant to standing. Wall work for feet & thigh strengthening. Standing triangle & helicopter. Finishing with a human ‘being’ rest.

Yoga with Claire May 3 – Stream Now
Floor Class. Entire session on the floor. Grounding, connecting, slow mindful moving. Starting with our spine… Class includes cat & cow, sphinx & up dog, knee salute series. Seated twist & wide leg circles, kneeling pigeon & rolling forward bend. We finish with dropping into rest.

Yoga with Claire April 26, 2023 – Stream Now
Standing – Ease into Action. Slow, mindful warm up. Moving into standing poses – Warrior 1 & 2, wall table & triangle. Moving onto knees for child’s pose, up & down dog, rolling forward bend. Seated staff, spinal twist & 1 legged side bend. Settle in & deepen for rest.

Yoga with Claire March 29, 2023 – Stream Now
Autumn Breath– Today we focus on breath. Standing warm up, then moving into cleansing energy breaths & slow Qi Gong series. More chest and shoulder opening, then moving into seated, simple breath awareness, & alternate nostril breathing. Guided relaxation to finish.

Yoga with Claire March 22, 2023 – Stream Now
Standing Poses – Standing class today. Standing 20 minute warm up with lots of spine work, including cat, cow, sphinx & elephant. Moving into 25 minutes of standing postures: warrior 1, 1 legged balance, goddess, wide leg forward bend, triangle, pyramid twists & forward bends. Down to floor for pelvic lift & twists. Settle in for a grounding rest.

Yoga with Claire March 15, 2023 – Stream Now
Slow Self Care – Class mainly on floor. 30 minutes of supine work – gentle spine moving, then arms, shoulders, hips & feet warming & opening. All fours for cat/cow. Tummies for sphinx & spiralling sphinx. Frog pose & toe opening. Seated tummy strengthening & seated rolling forward bend. We come up to standing for flowing forward and back bending. Then back down to ground, settle & rest. Class 55 minutes.

Yoga with Claire March 8, 2023 – Stream Now
Chair Yoga – Class seated in a chair. Great for those working with injuries. Connect to breath for a short breath practise. Slow class working to move, mobilise & awaken the whole body.

Yoga with Claire March 1, 2023 – Stream Now
Breath Moves the Body – Floor class focussing on breath. 30 mins in supine with slow spinal moving, twists, leg lifts, shoulder & leg circles, & tummy strengthening. Continuing with breath, we move into kneeling for the knee salute series. Feet opening then kneeling gateway & side angle bends. Elephant & forward hanging bend, then up to standing for helicopter, one leg balance, shoulder stretch & full body tap down. Class finishing with grounding rest.

Yoga with Claire Feb 22, 2023 – Stream Now
Standing Poses – 15 minute standing warm up with body tapping & slow breathing. Moving into forward bends & then standing poses – Warrior 1 & 2, forward bending pyramid, side angle bend, reverse warrior & down dog. All fours for spinal work, then seated crossed legs twist & fire log forward bend. Neck opening & finishing with a simple rest.

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