My classes are gentle, fun, basic yoga. They are appropriate for most adults; regardless of age, ability, experience or body type. No two classes are the same as I work creatively and intuitively. I teach online, and face-to-face classes in the Huon Valley, Tasmania.

I am 75 and Claire was my teacher in VIC for many many years – she is fun, talented, caring, varies classes to keep it exciting, and I still miss her classes and friendship muchly. Have a go, you will be surprised and healthier. ~ Maree L – Feb 2020

What can you expect?

In a typical Yoga with Claire class we begin slowly; warming and moving our bodies. We connect to our breath, we stretch and strengthen our bodies, and we explore what is happening on deeper levels. 

The word yoga means union. Through the course of the class we aim to connect to all parts of ourselves; resulting in a more balanced and contented state of being. All done with a light touch – making the best of what we have and enjoying the process.

What is Chair Yoga? Chair yoga contains all the usual components of a Yoga with Claire class, but is done with the extra safety and support of a chair. A great way for adults of all levels of ability to enjoy yoga and its wonderful health benefits!

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What kind of Yoga do I teach?  There are about as many different types of yoga as there are stars in the sky. Anything from sitting still meditating, to high energy, body sculpting workouts, are called yoga.  My style of yoga is Hatha based, and falls on the gentle end of the spectrum.

My unique teaching style is eclectic and creative. I use humour and spontaneity to keep each class interesting and engaging. I draw from my extensive, 35 year + background, of both teaching yoga and working as a performer. I don’t have a rigid approach to the art of yoga, nor do I adhere to any lineage or dogma…

And all that being said, you won’t know if it’s for you until you give it go :-).

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